Conscious Communication Relationship Course

The Conscious Communication Relationship Circle will guide you through the inner-work so that you can learn what it takes to cultivate a Conscious Relationship with yourself and others in your personal and professional life. 



  • How to get in touch with and heal your inner child 

  • Non-violent communication (how to communicate with compassion with yourself and others to master healthy communication) 

  • Love languages (so we can really understand how to speak each other love language and undeniable change the connection we have with others in our life. This includes our own love language, our romantic partner, as well as our children and family members) 

  • NLP presuppositions  (a set of tools and techniques that help us to work in our brain to change the way our brain works in order to change the way we feel, communicate, and that has an impact on our behavior. These presuppositions are useful in relating to other people and help us change and improve our communication with other people)

  • Ego states (this provides a way of understanding our personality; how we think, feel and behave in our relationships and in our life)

  • Codependency (how to identify codependent patterns and how to overcome them)

  • Counter-Dependency (how to identify counter-dependent patterns and how to overcome them) 

  • How to Consciously Manifest & Co-create Your Dream Relationship

  • How to heal and uncuff yourself from current & past relationships  

  • How to tap into your sexuality and deep vitality

  • Cultivating sexual energy from within 

  • Dating Confidence Hypnosis 

  • Creating Better Relationships Meditation 

Lifetime Access.


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Conscious Communication Relationship Course