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The Real Secret to a Successful Online Business -  Conscious Communication!

Free Masterclass

You will learn:

  1. How to communicate consciously and authentically to create and maintain strong client and potential client relationships (to convert and retain clients)

  2. My 5-step framework to building strong relationships and authentically convert clients

  3. The common mistakes service providers and coaches make in their business that's keeping them from making $10K months

Learn the skills, strategies & tools you need to ATTRACT new clients, build strong and impactful relationships with and RETAIN your current clients!


Who is this training for?

Online service providers and coaches! Whatever niche or industry you're in, if your business requires clients, this is for you!

Is this a LIVE training or a recorded training?

This training was hosted LIVE and is now offered to you as a recorded replay!

Why should I listen to you, Sarina?

As a Neuro-Linguistic Practitioner and a Clinical Hypnotherapist NLP is the study of excellent communication–both with yourself, and with others. It was developed by modeling excellent communicators and therapists who got results with their clients. NLP is a set of tools and techniques, pertaining to communication, personal development, and psychotherapy. It is a methodology of knowing how to achieve your goals and get results. In other words.. Learning NLP is learning the language of the mind! Let’s make this simpler with an example… Have you ever tried to communicate with someone who didn’t speak your language, and they couldn’t understand you? The classic example of this is when someone goes out to a restaurant in a Foreign country and they think they ordered one thing but when the food shows up its something completely different. This is the kind of relationship that most of us have with our current clients and potential clients. We might think we are communicating clearly but unless you are getting the results you desire, then something is probably getting lost in translation. My studies have provided me with a user’s manual for the brain… Mastering conscious communication is like learning how to become fluent in all languages so that you can connect to anyone! As a hypnotherapist, I have learned techniques for communicating directly with the subconscious minds of others using "conversational hypnosis" language patterns of Milton H. Erickson, one of the most gifted hypnotists who ever lived. And no, its not mind control. Its CLEAR and CONSCIOUS communication. I have learned how to use hypnotic language in an ethical way to inspire others. How to create more connect in relationships. I have been trained to use these hypnotic principles in everyday conversations (and I want to teach you how to use some of them as well), so that you can be more influential and clear in your communication, especially in sales conversations.

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